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GUSSACI Summer travelling

June 18,2016.

GUSSACI  Summer travelling

Summer is already arrive, it’s time to plan one vacation. it is also a fantastic time to explore the great outdoors: Camp in a national park. Spend a week on a dude ranch. Or try your hand at paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling in a tropical location.


After discussion, Gussaci family decide to go to Xunliaowan Tourism and resort zone. 2 days travelling.

The first day mainly for sight seeing on the Xunliaowan bay, this bay famous for its beautiful stone and clean sea water.

The second day, Gussaci family will be planning an activities: go out for fishing. This is a very exciting and meaningful activities. Help people relaxing and enhancing the internal cohesion and solidarity. whats more, the one who got the largest number of fish will win one Gussaci brand newest handbag.


This summer travelling will be hold by next weekend.


Wish the great success! 

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