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Chinese Athlete in Rio, We are in GUSSACI

August 12,2016.

Chinese Athlete in Rio, We are in GUSSACI

There is a vibrant morning in GUSSACI ,colorful meeting is our cultural feature. 

 Chinese athletes is competing for national glory in the Rio’s Olympic Game . GUSSACI family also response warmly. Under the host’s organization, we hold a table tennis match in the morning of Valentine's Days.  Each department is very active to select representatives to join the competition. Colleagues are all enthusiastic, and the atmosphere is very good. Finally, each department selected two representatives for participating.  There are four teams in total and each team has two participants. Competition rules is five balls for one round , who wins three balls first are the winners, then the  final champion will be selected from the previous winners .

Everyone's enthusiasm is very high, we had a draw to ensure fair competition.

The competition is started formally, every department’s  cheering squad is cheering for their team player. Everyone tried to do everything to win. Everyone is strong fight it. This is the same situation as we have seen Chinese players on television ! Struggle tenaciously, the spirit of hard work, are always revealing our GUSSACI vitality and vigorous. This match is satisfied for everyone.

Although there isn’t so intense confrontation like basketball game’s , but bring us another moved. Mutual cooperation and encouragement between the players and cheering squad show us  what is the strength of the collective. One person's strength is limited, but a group of people’s strength is unlimited, and only in the collective, people can play their maximum energy.


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