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PU leather handbags more fashion,elaborate,colorful
  • July 11,2016.
PU leather handbags more fashion,elaborate,colorful

Fashion, chic, style novel and personality of PU handbags is modern women for fascinated things. If can has different style of fashion Pu handbags. To women speaking, is a very happiness thing. Guangzhou Letoriwei Trading Co.,Ltd as larger pu leather handbags suppliers, provides various style and style of latest women's bags for you. next Following we to see most popular ladies handbags of 2016.

Fashion Pu Handbags

Makers of PU leather handbags in China are enhancing visual appeal with the adoption of eye-catching colors, patterns and adornments.
A number of new designs come in bright shade of blue, orange, red and yellow. Some releases also have handles, straps and flaps in contrasting shades. Traditional black, brown and gray models, however, still dominate.
For an upscale appearance, several bags feature embossed details that mimic animal skin, including crocodile scales, ostrich follicles and snakeskin. These come in simple shapes to allow the motifs to stand out.
Suppliers are raising aesthetics further by using various ornamentations. Many manufacturers are incorporating metal studs, rivets and tassels. A few models come with novelty and pendant zipper pullers.
Described in the above, Do you want to buy fashion pu handbags? If you want to know more, or would like to wholesale latest women's bag, Please visit online: We provide you with quality service and high quality products.

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