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Pantone reported SS17 the most popular color
  • October 28,2016.
Pantone reported SS17 the most popular color

When all the world are talking about fashion after the fashion week, Pantone team through recorded and discussing all the color changes from 119 shows, reported the 10 most popular color in 2017 spring and summer.
Let us check it out as below:
They are:
Niagara Blue 17-4123、Primrose Yellow 13-0755、Lapis Blue 19-4045、Flame 17-1462、Island Paradise 14-4620、
Pale Dogwood 13-1404、Greenery 15-0343、Pink Yarrow 17-2034、Kale 18-0107、Hazelnut 14-1315。

1. Niagara Blue 17-4123

Niagara Blue

*comfortable and reliable.

This is the leading color in SS17. Niagara blue is similar to tannin blue. It just fully shows our mood to seek leisure and relaxation.

2. Primrose Yellow 13-0755

Primrose Yellow

*Opposite from Niagara Blue, Primrose Yellow shining with enthusiasm and vitality. Invite us into a very warm atmosphere. The Primrose Yellow with joy, bring us a sunny and bright day.

Primrose Yellow is very Popular in 2016. If you have a primrose yellow handbag leather bucket bag. You go out shopping, second glance must be very high.

3. Lapis Blue 19-4045

Lapis Blue like an energy transfer. powerful and confident. this strong blue contains liquid luster.

4. Flame 17-1462

*this red with basin of orange. Flame love humor and sociable atmosphere. Brightness and magnificence. Flame is the palette of SS17. Burning a hot flame of color.

5. Island Paradise 14-4620 14-4620

Island Paradise

*Island paradise blue is clean fresh water for our soul that comes from different scenery. The cold tone of blue spoke our escape of dream. Island Paradise blue is a symbol of tropical custom and our desire of free.

6. Pale Dogwood 13-1404

Pale Dogwood

*continue peaceful mood, Pale Dogwood is a quiet and gentle pink. With pure and innocent atmosphere. Is a kind of low-key style. bring us healthy growth energy.

7. Greenery 15-0343

* Greenery give us a fresh feeling. it’s a kind of green with yellow basin. reflect our demand of research. experience and rediscovery. Like flourishing leaves. suggest us to have deep breath and reinvigorate.

8. Pink Yarrow 17-2034

*full of joyous, Pink Yarrow is a fancy and cannot be ignored color. Attractive and always catch everybody’s eyes.

9. Kale 18-0107

*Arouse your yearn for outdoor. Kale with basin of leaves, recall us close to nature. It similar to dynamic green. it’s the nature in our mind .verdant and abundant.

10. Hazelnut 14-1315

*color of SS17 end of Hazelnut. This color let us imagine to earthy flavor. Modesty and warmth, Hazelnut is the link of different season.

Above showed the most popular color of SS17.

Which color do you like best?
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